Lindsay Guion Highlights the Risks and Rewards of Career Transitions

Lindsay Guion
4 min readSep 16, 2019


In today’s working world, there is a greater job diversity than ever before, and the amount of opportunities available can be almost staggering. However, job security isn’t any less important, and the prospect of switching careers can be intimidating. It’s a bold move, especially if you’ve been with a company for a significant period of time, but there are plenty of rewards to go with the risks, and Lindsay Guion, Founder, Chairman and CEO of GUION PARTNERS INC has listed out some of the potential risks and rewards so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not changing careers is the right choice for you.

The Risks

When you are considering making a career switch, it’s important to know the risks first. Here are the most significant things to be cautious of while you’re transitioning.

Center Of Attention

When you successfully land a new career, don’t forget to be deliberate and work your hardest to prove that you want to be there, as all eyes will be on you whether you like it or not. Employers will be watching you closely as a new hire, and in the unfortunate case of layoffs, you might just be first in line, far ahead of the loyal employees who have been at the company longer.

Unintended Reputation

Switching careers can have the side effect of negatively impacting your reputation among employers. As opposed to loyal employees who are happy with where they are, you might be considered unreliable or flaky as a job-hopper. Granted, any good reputation merely takes time to build, so Lindsay Guion knows that if you stay focused on providing excellent work for your new employer, you can change your reputation to be more favorable.

A Slippery Slope

The prospect of job-hopping can become a temptation: Chiefly, it can foster the idea that you won’t really be happy anywhere, and that you should switch careers regularly, even if you have stability at your current job. Remember to take every opportunity seriously and with deliberation, because you never know when you might land the job that’s perfect for you.

Companies Reward Loyalty

Before you actually make the plunge, keep in mind that you will always be forfeiting any benefit plans or reward systems your previous employer had to offer; not only that, but it will take some time to earn the equivalent at your new company.

The Rewards

While there definitely are risks associated with changing your career, Lindsay Guion states that there are benefits as well; here are some of the things you can look forward to.

Revitalize Your Work

Sometimes a job changeover can be exactly what you need to feel more engaged at work. The all-too-familiar complacency that comes with being with the same company for a long period of time can decreased your productivity and motivation. Often known as burnout, this feeling can impact not only your work but your personal life as well. By moving to a new job environment, you are kept on your toes while you’re learning the ropes and give you a much-needed mental refresh.

Skillset Expansion

As you switch from one job to another, you’ll be broadening your skillset, and this is a wise future investment. Lindsay Guion explains that having a more fleshed-out resumé can give you more appeal with future employers, as well as making it that much easier to find a new job down the road.

A Bigger Network

Changing careers will inevitably expose you to new people, enlarging your network. Sometimes it’s all about who you know, and when you know more people it’s a huge benefit to you; nobody can go it alone, especially in the working world, and you never know when you might need help. You might also get exposure to groups and events that you would not have had otherwise.


Sometimes staying at the same job indefinitely can stagnate your career advancement, whether it’s a management team that doesn’t recognize your efforts or a company that’s struggling financially and can’t freely give raises or promotions. Whatever the case, a career change can be an opportunity to get that raise and recognition you’ve been pining after; even if you must negotiate your wage. Often, companies are more receptive to your hopes for a wage when you’re first starting out.

The idea of switching careers can be daunting but rest assured that if you weigh the risks and rewards carefully, Lindsay Guion knows that it might just be the best career move you can make.



Lindsay Guion

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