Black American Culture’s Impact on Modern Music

How Did Black American Music Get Started

Black American culture and music go hand in hand. You cannot separate the genetic memory from the people, as a result, the culture and tunes have seeped into all aspects of every genre over time. There really is no music in the US that is devoid of Black influences.

Black American Influence in Music

The blues genre came to market in the ’20s. This was a way to help people connect and escape the bonds of violent racism. Lindsay Guion states that because black people were not included in the rest of society at the time, they made their own music. This did not stop their music from crossing over, albeit without credit. Jazz is another fusion style of music that is a mix of Black, European and Creole that came about in the late 1890s. It is made of many styles but has a distinct Black ring. It is a dynamic style that adapts to new influences easily and can be used for soulful ballads or upbeat swing dances and more.



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Lindsay Guion

Lindsay Guion


Lindsay Guion is a personal manager that works with Grammy award-winning artists, songwriters, and producers.